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RMB Westport is a real estate investment management and development firm, focusing on property developments in sub-Saharan Africa.

RMB Westport

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About us

Our business

RMB Westport is affiliated to Rand Merchant Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank Ltd.

If you were to visit Nigeria, Ghana or Angola, chances are pretty good that you’ll spot a modern shopping mall with high-grade finishes, an A-grade office block or industrial park from RMB Westport. At RMB Westport, we create value-added real estate transactions in high-yield geographies in Africa where the economic outlook is most positive and where there is a large demand supply imbalance.

Since its inception in 2008, RMB Westport has achieved significant milestones in delivering and maintaining high-grade retail, commercial and industrial property developments across sub-Saharan Africa. Capital raised by the RMB Westport Real Estate Development Fund has facilitated both current projects, as well as an increased pipeline of future real estate development projects.

At RMB Westport, we don’t just rely on macro-economics, but we focus on driving outstanding returns for our investors through the development, refurbishment, active management and positioning of A-grade real estate developments, including shopping centres, offices and industrial parks. Our team has extensive experience in real estate development in across Africa and has earmarked Nigeria, Ghana and Angola as key jurisdictions in which to develop high-grade real estate assets.

We believe in the African growth story. Over the past decade African economic output has more than tripled, which is one of the many reasons we think that Africa today holds the greatest overall investment potential for all frontier markets globally. Angola, together with Ghana and Nigeria, is one of the star performers in this regard. Join us on our exciting journey as we change the African skyline.

Our origins

RMB Westport opened its doors in 2008 when Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), through its Real Estate Investment Banking division entered into a joint venture with the Westport Property Group to become RMB Westport.

The rationale of the joint venture was to combine the operating and development expertise of the Westport Property Group, with the structuring and investment expertise of RMB to enable the construction, development and maintenance of high-grade retail, commercial and industrial property assets in key growth nodes in Africa.